Rabbit Health Information


There is a new, fatal, disease called RVHD2, it is spreading across the whole of the UK NOW, as mentioned, this disease is deadly, the only way to prevent it is by vaccination, the vaccination is called Filavac and vets are able to obtain it from 3 wholesalers in the UK. This disease is spread by wildlife, on clothes, shoes, in hay etc.  talk to your vet, make sure you get your rabbits vaccinated as soon as possible, its fatal, one minute your rabbit will appear in good health, the next dead.....

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**Join these Groups for further advice and Maps showing locations of outbreaks

Spaying is necessary for female rabbits, 80% of female rabbits get uterine cancer by 5 years of age, it also prevents unwanted pregnancies.


Neutering will ensure your male rabbit is happier and more relaxed, it stops them being territorial, stops aggression and spraying and means they can have a female friend.

Health problems
If you think your rabbit is ill, you MUST take it to see a rabbit friendly vet asap, rabbits are very good at hiding problems and can quickly succumb to illnessess within in few hours. We highly recommend Alastair Ball of Adur Valley Vets, Lancing. www.adurvalleyvets.co.uk
Illnesses which require IMMEDIATE treatment include:

 Abscess (in mouth, not eating, eating less, drooling) (skin abscess, hard lump on body)

 Bleeding from the nose, mouth & bottom - VHD, fatal.  ( A Dual vaccine (Nobivac) for Myxi and VHD is available and a vaccine (Filavac) for the new strain RVHD2 is now available, both are essential - see below for info)

 Constipation / not passing droppings / not eating


 E.Cuniculi  (can cause head tilt, paralysis, loss of balance, coma & death)

 Fitting / seizure

 Flystrike (caused mainly if a rabbit has wet or dirty bottom or lives in unsanitary conditions)

 GI Statis - not eating / no droppings / hunched up  (Bloat, fur ball)

 Heat exhaustion

 Lethargic / floppy

 Limping / unable to hop

 Mouth breathing or difficulty breathing (turning blue)

 Myxomatosis (runny eyes, swellings eyes, ears, nose, mouth, genitals, pus like discharge

       (A Dual vaccine for Myxi / VHD is available and a vaccine for the new strain RVHD2 called Filavac is now available, both are essential).

 Open bleeding wound

Other illnesses which require treatment include:

 Dental disease

 Eye infections



 Sludge in urine / bladder stone

 Snuffles / pneumonia

 Sore Hocks


If you require more information on any of the above please visit the website below - 

BUT, as mentioned above, take your rabbit to see your vet without delay......