Rehoming rabbits

(We don't have any rabbits for rehoming)

Please consider getting a rabbit from a rescue rather than support the pet shop breeders. Rabbits are a long time commitment, they can live for ten years or more, are you ready for that sort of commitment? Rabbits are for life not just for Easter...

Do you have somewhere/someone suitable to look after your rabbits when you go away on holiday? i.e. rabbit savvy friends or a rabbit boarding establishment?              


We always do a home check to ensure any rabbits we rehome with you are kept in suitable accommodation as below.


We expect hutch sizes to conform with the RWAF guidelines i.e.:


  "A minimum hutch size of 6' x 2' x 2', which allows rabbits some room to move, stand on their hind legs & enough space for the food, toilet and sleeping areas to be kept apart. It is commonly accepted that a rabbit should have space for 3 hops, but it is commonly underestimated just how far 3 hops is - our tests show that 3 hops from an average sized rabbit covers 6-7 feet!


  A hutch should only be a shelter and not the only living space. It should be attached to a secure fox proof run of at least 8' x 4'. 


  Please bear in mind that these recommendations are all minimums - and like many things in life, bigger is better!"

We only rehome rabbits where the primary carer is an adult, children should be supervised at all times. Rabbits are intelligent and sensitive creatures, they are delicate pets and can easily get injured if dropped or played with as though they are toys.
We only rehome rabbits in pairs or groups or to go as a partner or part of a group, existing rabbits should all be neutered / spayed. 
(Rabbits and Guinea Pigs must not live together, therefore, we do not rehome rabbits as partners to guinea pigs)
All rabbits we rehome are neutered or spayed. We do not support the breeding of rabbits, Rescues in the UK are full to bursting with unwanted rabbits needing homes without more being bred.
Our adoption fees - we ask for a donation of £45 per rabbit this goes towards neutering/spaying, health check and vaccination (this would cost approx £200 at the vets)
 For all the information you need about caring for pet rabbits, i.e. hutches / runs / feeding / health / vaccinations etc. Please go to the Rabbit Welfare Association website :-