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Kissy Kukar - 

This pretty cat was found locked in a dumped freezer. She really likes the other cats and Constance Mary is her favourite, they spend hours kissing and washing each other.


Drew Barrymore     Frances Butterfly        Sidney Bear


Drew Barrymore was found as a stray, pregnant and starving, she had 2 kittens. They are very very shy, but sweet little cats who are never apart.


Constance Mary -

She is a very shy pretty puss, she was found in the street, starving with a dreadfully sore bottom. This poor cat had a ring pull stuck up her bottom and because of this she was unable to clean herself and had flystrike. Fortunately, we rescued her in time and managed to save her.

Currant Bun -

This beautiful semi-long haired ginger cat was found as a stray roaming the streets of Brighton. She suffers from cystitis so needs to be monitor closely and medicated when necessary. She has settled in well and has got used to the other cats, at first she wasn't keen on them at all. She loves the vacuum cleaner! while most of the other disappear as soon as I turn it on, she follows me in a stroke!

Daddy Ninnins

This sweet boy lived rough on the streets for 7 years before we were finally able to rescue him. He was un-neutered, flea ridden, skin and bones and had badly bitten ears. He is now very contented, has put on lots of weight and loves sleeping in front of the fire or in a sunny spot in the enclosed garden.


Delilah is the permanent kitten!  Although she is about 12 years old, she is still the size of a 12 week old kitten. This darling little cat arrived here with a badly infected eye, although manageable, her eye problem does flare up quite often. Unfortunately, she is unable to have any oral medications or eye drops as she salivates to excess.

Floyde Button

This handsome cat about 16+ years old, was found in Worthing in a garden, the people who lived there had just left him outside in the pouring rain and he was absolutely soaked. When asked why they couldn't just let him in, they said "he was the ugliest cat they had ever seen and didn't want him anyway". He had a large mass in his stomach comprising cooking foil and elastic string, so was obviously very hungry and was rummaging through dustbins and must have found left overs from a cooked chicken. This has left him with loose bowels. Although neutered, he tends to spray sometimes. He is very affectionate and has a special spot in the sun in the garden. He is not keen on other cats!

Hector Heathcote -

Approximately 19 years old, he is a long term resident here and makes friends will all humans who visit, he is very affectionate with people and likes other cats. He has developed some bowel problems in his old age and so needs monitoring. He likes to meow a lot!


Amy Winehouse         Strawberry Fields Forever           


Rock n Rollini                  Russell Brand


Amy and her siblings were born in an external electrical box.. They were spotted and rescued together with their mother, Carolanne.  Amy is so called because she 'wears' thick black eye-liner! Amy and her siblings are all very shy and don't let anyone approach them.


PeeWee -

Cute PeeWee was used for breeding and was in a dreadful state when he was rescued. Although he looks very well now, he has sinusitis and snores loudly! Its also hit and miss whether he uses the litter tray, he just can't seem to get the hang of it, sadly. Sitting in front of the fire is his heaven and he likes to sit on the back of the armchair and groom my hair!

Sadly Pee Wee has now passed away, he had been treated for a long time for liver disease causing yellow jaundice and then he contracted pheumonia. Sleep tight sweet PeeWee xx



14 years old now, he is a beautiful cat, found as a stray in a terrible condition. He is quite content here. He enjoys a good game with Mini Nini.

Mini Nini -

She was bought here as an 'uncontrollable' kitten! However, she fitted in well within 3 days and made friends with the older cats. Her favourite 'toy' is a piece of memory foam insole which she plays fetch with and at times will run off with it and bury it in the garden. She likes a game with Ninnins.

Detective Goran -

Detective Goran was another unwanted cat, he is very loving and likes to be brushed. He does, however, have a tendancy to spray up the curtains, even though he has been neutered!

Katatinka -

Katatinka and her siblings came here as kittens from a breeder. Their mother had been mated 92 times and had become too old to breed anymore.  The breeder wanted shot of the kittens because she didn't want to pay for them to be neutered. Katatinka and her siblings cannot have oral medication due to excessive salivation. She also suffers with urinary problems and is on a special diet to stop her getting a blockage and/or cystitis.

Tutan Khamun -

This poor boy was used for breeding and lived a miserable life.  He had to have most of his teeth removed and the ones he's got left are black, our vet is not sure why this is, otherwise he is quite healthy. He has to wear a cosy coat in the Winter to keep him warm and if its really cold he either climbs inside my cardigan or gets into my bed where he has an electric heat pad.  

Sydney VetBed -

VetBed is a LaPerm breed, he was given up for rescue because he was fighting with the other cats in the family and bullying them. He is very affectionate, he was named VetBed because his fur resembles vetbed! He has recenty had all his teeth removed and he so much better for it.

Wilhemina Vampire -

Wilhemina is one of Delilahs kittens, along with Lucifer and Teddy Cheekbones, born here at the Rescue, sadly Lucifer and Teddy are no longer with us.

Stuart -

Stuart was another unwanted cat, found living as a stray. He is a bit of a bully and keeps all the other cats in line!  He also suffers with kidney problems and to stop him getting cystitis or a blockage he has to have a special diet.

Carolanne Scrimshaw -

Carolanne was a feral cat who was found living in an electric box having given birth to 4 kittens. She would sit on the garage roof nearby keepng watch over the kittens. Fortunately, we were able to catch her and bought her back here with kittens, Amy, Russell, Rock n Rollini and Strawberry.

Gin Gin Lily -

Gin Gin Lily (not to be confused with Currant Bun!) arrived here covered in matted knots, so bad that she couldn't move her head, we had to hold her food and water bowl up to her mouth because she couldn't eat and was starving and dehydrated. When all the matts had been cut and shaved out, we had two carrier bags full of fur. She was very feral and it has taken her a long while to get used to other cats, but is still weary of people. She does though now sleep in bed with some of the others!