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Please could you Sponsor one of our rabbits? Some of them are listed below with their rescue stories.

If so, please complete the 'Contact Us' form and indicate which rabbit(s) you would like to sponsor, we can then send you a standing order mandate for a monthly amount. The amount you give is entirely up to you. Thank you.


Ben Drew and Strickland Banks

Ben Drew and Strickland Banks are brothers, they arrived here as uncastrated males that had lived together for 4 years on mud in an open wire cage in all weathers. The mud was like concrete caked to their feet and overgrown claws. Strickland is blind but Ben is his eyes and they are inseparable.


Cat Stevens, Where's and Bobby Shafter

These three bunnies were rescued from a pub, along with many others, they had tunnelled and were living under concrete in a 'colony' breeding willy nilly, with all sorts of injuries, illnesses and issues. Sadly, they are not very friendly, they were re-homed once and returned for biting!


Errol Brown

Errol Brown is a very old boy, he was found in a bin the same day as 'the' Errol Brown died, hence the name. He adores his teddy.



Natalie, was found at a rubbish tip, she is approximately 6 years old. Sadly she self mutilates and has to have regular medication to stop her from doing this. She has two boy bun friends she plays with, but has to live alone in her house as she's an aggressive eater and she would eat all the food.



Sparticus is about ten years old, he hates other rabbits, cats and teddys, he likes biting, especially the cats bottoms!



Dear Brumus was yet another unwanted Christmas present, all too familiar in the Rabbit Rescue community sadly.


Alexander                            Winchester


The beautiful Rex bunnies were bought as presents for young children, as is often the case, the kids got fed up with them, the parents couldn't find time to clean them out, exercise them or feed them so sadly they ended up in Rescue.